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Holistic Families Association Membership Agreement Form

Community Rules & Guidelines

Holistic Families Association, originally known as DFW Holistic Families, was founded on May 16, 2007 by Leigh Anne DuChene. In 2017, Leigh Anne DuChene, along with Alicia Whatley and Melissa Neece, formally organized as Holistic Families Association (HFA) in efforts to grow, expand, and deepen the community. HFA is about peaceful, loving, respectful, non-fear-based, and compassionate holistic family living. As such, we expect as much from our community members. We are an EDUCATION and SUPPORT community first and always!

We have worked EXTREMELY hard to make this community a peaceful, safe, comfortable, educational, solicitation-free, and supportive environment; and we continue to work hard to keep it that way. We would greatly appreciate all members knowing our group policies and adhering to them. Members will not be babysat in regards to the rules. You follow them or you are removed. We all have lives we live and don't have time to continually moderate rule violators. Rule violations will be deleted without warning. A repeat offender will be removed without warning.

Once your Membership Agreement is submitted your request to join will be reviewed. Membership Management is done on Mondays of each week.

This group is for families interested in a holistic lifestyle or learning more about it.
We support and discuss issues and topics such as: 
* peaceful parenting
* attachment parenting
* gentle disciplining
* whole food nutrition
* organic
* sustainable
* breastfeeding
* pregnancy
* childbirth
* doulas
* midwives
* home birthing
* birthing centers
* not vaccinating
* delayed/selective vaccinating
* vaccination alternatives
* not circumcising
* intact male
* baby wearing
* cloth diapering
* elimination communication
* co-sleeping
* homeschooling/unschooling
* health and wellness care
* chiropractic
* acupuncture
* naturopathy
* emotional health
* homeopathy
* herbs
* child friendly and safe products
* earth friendly living
and other various related topics.

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